About Me

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tom and I am The VDub Geek. I'm a just geeky type of guy who has an ever growing fascination with the humble little car company who emerged from the rubble of World War II. I've been in this hobby for over 25 years now, and I'm still learning more everyday.

I grew up in Volkswagens. My parents' first major purchase after getting married was a brand new 1969 Bug, the same Bug that I still own. A little while later, they added a 1973 Bus to the family stable. My grandparents had almost every imaginable VW, including Bugs, Busses, a Type 3, a Type 4, and a diesel powered Rabbit.

Over the years, I've had an interesting mix of both aircooled and watercooled VWs. Right now I own three VWs: the '69 Bug, a '70 EMPI Imp dune-buggy (built on a '66 Bug floorpan with a '63 40hp engine), and my long term project, to rescue a pretty hammered (and stripped) 1965 Type 3 Karmann Ghia (Type 34). 

In the past, I've also owned a 1965 Baja Bug, a 1974 Westfalia camper, a 1960 Bug, a 1976 VW camper conversion (never figured out who the manufacturer was), a 1987 Scirocco 16V, and a 2002 Passat 1.8T sedan. Each of these VWs has earned a special place in my heart.

I spent my time behind the VW parts counter, selling VW parts and offering advice to my fellow VW owners in order to get their VW running or restored to it's former glory. I also spent a few years with a local VW club and was able to meet a lot of really friendly and enthusiastic VW fans.

The one thing that is always apparent is that VW owners are among the friendliest people! I've met so many great people out there who would do what they can to help you to get your VW running again, or just give you that final part you need to finish your project.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and that my enthusiasm is contagious, as I would love to see more people getting involved in this great hobby!

-- The VDub Geek