Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Imp will soon take residence in Wyoming!

As my friends know, in March of 2016 I moved from southern California to Laramie, Wyoming. It was kind of a rushed move; my wife and I had to pack the essentials and leave the rest of our stuff in a storage unit in California. Taking residence in the storage unit were my two VWs: my 1969 Bug and my 1970 EMPI Imp dune buggy. They are sitting there, patiently waiting for us to secure the money, time, and room to bring them home.

My wife and I have discussed this numerous times, and we think the time is right to start bringing the VWs back. The first trip will occur this coming October. The Imp will be the lucky recipient to make the move from California to Wyoming. I am really excited to see her here in Wyoming, as classic VWs are a rare sight up here and a dune buggy is even rarer!!

I'm currently working on my "to-do" list in getting the Imp running and legal so that I can drive her around Laramie (at least during the warmer season...). I will be posting more as news surfaces about her migration up north!

--the VDubGeek