Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year from the VDub Geek!!

Happy New Year 2017!!

Well another year has passed and the new year promises to be great in the VDub Geek Garage! You're thinking what is in store for the VDub Geek this year, am I right? Well I've got a lot of cool things in the works for this year!

This month, I plan on attending my first club function with the Wyoming Aircooled Volkswagen Club. At the end of January the club is having a meeting to work on the calendar of events for 2017. I'm excited to meet some great VW folks like myself up here. 

Another great bit of news: this summer my wife and I are heading back to southern California to visit family and friends, but also to bring back a loved one with us: my 1969 Bug!! We're going to do some cleaning up in my storage, relocate the Imp to a smaller storage unit, and then trailer the Bug back to Wyoming!! I can't wait to my Diamont Blau baby back here!!

With the Bug here in Wyoming, I'll be able to start working on getting her road worthy and legal up here. When I parked her in 2010, she was making some terrible sounds from the rear. I suspect the problem is one of three possible culprits: rear wheel bearings, CV joints, or transaxle. At that point in my life she was my daily driver and just in need of more work (and money) then I could afford then. 

Now that life has changed, I can leave her in the garage and get things working correctly. My first goal is to get her running and registered. The aforementioned clicking sound will be first on the list. The second task will be tuning her for this altitude, as she is going to need to be leaned out. Once she is running properly, I'll take her to the WyoDOT and get her registered. 

With the Bug running and legal, I want to enjoy cruising her around town. Of course I'm not done with her at that point: that is very FAR from reality. I have a lot of projects in the planning, not limited to engines, wheels, and other upgrades. There are lot exciting things going in the VDub Geek Garage in 2017! Stay tuned!!