Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fact of life living in Wyoming: snow & ice

Yesterday was the first scheduled meeting of 2017 for the VW club that I recently joined: Wyoming Aircooled VW Club. I was very excited to be able to meet some liked minded VW fans, make a few friends, and just chat about these cool cars. However, Mother Nature put a damper on it: weather.

One of the adjustments I've had to make living here in Wyoming is the fact that the weather can hinder, or cease, any travel in this area. Here in Laramie, we are 7220 feet of altitude, that is close to another 2,000 feet higher than Denver. The unique geographical location of this city also means we are suspectible to storm fronts throughout the year.

So last week we had another snow storm. It snowed off and on for about two to three days. That has left a lot of snow on the ground. Our VW club is located in Cheyenne, about a 45 minutes drive due east of us. The drive, while not really long, passes through a mountain pass that is another 1,000 feet higher than Laramie. As a result, after dark, the snow that was melting during the sunlight will start to freeze again. That means that the highway can have icy road conditions, something you don't want to experience with your valuable car!

My wife and I made the decision to stay in Laramie that evening. I really wanted to go but the fact is Mother Nature rules this area during the winter.

Now I'm looking forward to hearing from the club about what happened and what events the club has planned for 2017. For the first half of the year, I won't have a VW here but I will do what I can to attend! Once the Bug is here, I'm hoping to get it running and be able to eventually attend a few club events in her!

Stay tuned for more, as 2017 is looking to be good here in The VDub Geek's Garage!