Monday, November 28, 2016

Joined a Wyoming VW club!!

Yesterday my wife was going through her Instagram feed and she came across a post from an apparel company from Cheyenne. They posted a photograph of a late Bus. She asked me if I knew what year it was by looking at the front. My thought was that it was a '68-'71. She commented, asking the year and asking if it was a '68-'71. The company replied that it was a '69.

After exchanging a few comments amongst themselves, they shared that they were part of a southeast Wyoming VW club called "Wyoming Aircooled VW Club". After taking a look at their web site, Facebook page, and Instagram page, I decided to give them a shot and join!

So now I am the newest member of the Wyoming Aircooled VW Club! I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow club members, checking out their VWs, and developing a network of people to help keep this "precious metal" on the road. Stay tuned for more information!