Friday, May 8, 2015

Busy year...

2015 has been a crazy year! It seemed like there was always something going when or something that had to be done on the same day as many of the southern California VW events. Among the events this year include getting married and continuing on with my college degree. I was going through VW withdrawals.

I married my friend on Pi Day 2015 (March 14, 2015). 

Well, the good news is that my wife has surprised me with the news that we are attending the VW Bugorama this month! This big VW event happened to fall on the same weekend as her birthday and on the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life that we usually participate in, so I figured the Bugorama was going to be a no-go. So when Renee said that we would be going to the Bugorama, I was a little surprised (ok, a LOT surprised). The fact is that due to the wedding planning all this winter/spring, we decided to ease up on our participation for the Relay For Life. The fact is that the VW hobby is my passion, not Renee's (at least not yet....). She told me that she knows that we haven't gone to any VW shows recently, so she was willing to go to this show to make me happy. That my friends is a good wife! I am one lucky guy! 

My '69 Bug, in need of some TLC. 

To say that I'm excited is a major understatement! The last VW show I attended was the Devious Dubs Takeover last summer, so it will be good to be checking out the VWs and even catching some drag racing! I would love to drive my '69 Bug there, but it is in need of some work (and $$$) to be running and legal again, but at this moment time and money are two commodities that I don't have in abundance. Photos will be sure to follow! 

-- the VDubGeek