Friday, February 20, 2015

Gurney/Western wheels

I recently was doing some digging around on my computer at home and came across a cache of photos I took a few years ago. As I was taking a stroll down memory lane (and realizing I have become a better photographer...), I came across this photo. I took this photo at a local "classic" car show. This particular wheel belongs to friend of a friend's Porsche 914.

What makes this remarkable is that this is what the wheels I am working on for my Bug will look like when I get out to work on them. I remember seeing this style of wheel on cars, but I never saw one fully polished. When I spotted this wheel, I knew I had to take a photo, as it confirmed my vision.
My wheels, hosed off and waiting for polishing 

I found some interesting notes about these wheels. According to, these wheels are clones of the Porsche "McAfee wheel". From what I have read, these wheels were sold by more than one manufacturer and the differences primarily came down to the center caps. This one appears to be the style with the bolt-on center caps, whereas my wheels have caps that slip on from the back. There are two different styles of slip-ins (like mine) and the style that uses these bolt-on caps.

Now this nicely polished wheel isn't exactly the same model as the one I have. As I mentioned above, there are three styles of these wheels. I noted that the polished wheel featured the bolt-on cap, but if you look to the second photo (one of my wheels) you'll notice that my wheels don't have the holes for the center cap bolts. I did a close inspection of my wheels and it does appear that my wheels are one of the types where the cap is pushed in through the back.

As of this moment, I am waiting for some available time, for the weather to cooperate, and for the funds to be available. I need to fix some scratches, then polish. I've already purchased the lug nuts, washers, and screw-in studs. With all of that done, along with some new tires, I will have a great looking set of wheels for my '69 Bug.