Thursday, March 8, 2018

My project for next winter...

For the last three weekends, I've been driving down to Fort Collins, CO (about a 70 mile one way drive) to help my brother move. It has been a laborious project, but it feels great now that we have everything completed.

Probably one of the biggest highlights from this move was when it came time to move his Porsche 914 from the garage. He was going to have to drive it across town, but one of the fuel injectors was leaking (fire hazard!!!) so a replacement was sourced. Luckily the 914 injectors are easy to replace, so a quick swap out in the morning and it was alive again after being in hibernation for a few years.

To play it safe, I followed along as he drove the 914 across town. It was so great to see the 914 running and on the road again. I have to say that I hope that maybe this drive will help motivate him to drive it more often, as it was a blast to see going down the road!!

The other high point of this move was a discovery that my brother made in his garage. As he was pulling down boxes and inspecting the contents, he made an interesting discovery. The first box he pulled was labelled "VW parts". It contained a nice original Type 1 doghouse fan shroud complete with factory stamps. It also contained a set of German dual port Type 1 head tin. We both recognized this as my stuff! I had VW parts up here and didn't even know it. 

The second box was actually a plastic storage tote. We popped the lid on it and guess was in it? The Kadron carb set from my old single port 1835cc Type 1. The tote had the carbs, steel single port manifolds (with AN fittings for the balance tube), original one-piece linkage, and the aftermarket gauze element chrome aircleaners. There were a few other items, but that sight had me in shock!! I thought I had lost those many eons ago. 

During my free time, I've thought about what I can best use these Kadrons for. I think eventually they will end up my '70 EMPI Imp on a "retro"-style 1679cc (88x69) that I intend to build, but in the mean time they will be seeing duty on my Bug. This summer will be about getting my Bug running with the stock carb, but next winter, when it is too COLD to be crawling on the asphalt up in Wyoming, I will take that moment to disassemble the carbs, freshen and rebuild them, update the linkage, fuel lines, etc., and detail everything to the max. 

As usual, I will be sharing everything here on in the "VDub Geek's Garage"! Stay tuned!!

--the VDub Geek

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Plans set for their arrival!

Well it's been a while since I last posted here, but I want to correct that today with this post. My family and I are still getting settled into our new lives here in Laramie, Wyoming. Things are looking good too. Our careers have finally taken off. What does that mean for my VWs? That they need to join the VDub Geek Garage up here in Wyoming! 

During my winter break from work (perks of working for a school district), my wife and I sat down to discuss our 2018 plans and goals. After a lot of discussion and analyzing, we have decided that my brother and I are going to be heading down to southern California this June. Our mission is to clear my storage unit, load up both the Bug and the Imp, and relocate everything back to Laramie!

We are going to drive down in my Flex with a co-workers' car trailer. After we get there, we'll pick up a U-Haul truck with trailer. All of my "stuff" that currently resides in storage will be loaded into the U-Haul, the Bug will be loaded on the U-Haul trailer, and my Flex with trailer will get the lighter Imp. This will close this chapter and start a new chapter with my VWs with me. I'm looking forward to being to wrench on my VWs, to drive them around town, and to bring one to my VW club events.

Of course I will be taking photos on this journey and I will be sharing them on Instagram and my other social media platforms. It is going to be so exciting and I can't wait!

-- the VDub Geek

Friday, January 12, 2018

Looking at my Imp

Two changes I did to my 1970 EMPI Imp was changing the headlights for H-4s and replacing the turn signal lenses with clear models. Definitely makes it look awesome! 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

#TBT with my DTM Type 4 conversion

#TBT to 2005 when I loaned parts of my DTM Type 4 conversion to Tiger from A-1 Performance for a display at the A-1 booth at the 2005 Bug-In, to highlight the merged conversion exhaust.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Lost Bug photos!

I was doing some digging around on my old workstation and came across this photo. 

This is probably from 2005-2006, when I was first getting into photography. Man I am really looking forward to getting her up here and running! 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

License plates galore!

And so it has started... 

I still have a few plates from California to add to my collection in the garage. The Alaska plate came from my mother-in-law's recent Alaska cruise. The black Wyo plate is from my birth year, the Wyo plate with Devil's Tower looks cool, and the last one is from my Flex driver.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

EMPI GT Spyders!

As my friends know, my Bug is still in California. During our last trip to California, my brother and I spent a day checking up on the Bug and going through the VW parts in storage. Among the various future projects we came across was this trio of original two-piece EMPI Sypder (8-spokes).

Of course I'm going to need another wheel before I can think of restoring them, but they are a start!